Shortly after its start in 2013 became one of the most trusted websites for hundreds of Iranian citizen journalists. The site publishes citizen journalists working inside a country with repressive censorship and media harassment. All citizen journalists use pseudonyms and other safe methods of communication to be protected from persecution. We cultivate and mentor these reporters, editing their work, and training them in reporting techniques, storytelling, production and other skills. Iranians inside the country get objective daily news, analysis and satire; the Iranian diaspora, and policy specialists in the West, get a rare authentic voice from inside Iran.


Launched in 2013, Iranwire is a project supported by IREX, to support independent journalism and journalists in Iran. Iranwire has extensive coverage of news, sport and current affairs as well as reporting from the provinces. This project consists of a web publishing platform in Persian  and English.  We also have a Persian Facebook page as well as an English Facebook page and a Persian Twitter feed as well as an English Twitter feed.  



Citizen journalism films

What do you do when the situation in your country seems hopeless?  Kristina Tremonti is a Greek woman who lives in New York because there's no work in her mother country.  But rather than turn her back on Greece, Kristina decided to tackle one dark corner of her society - the pervading corruption and bribery.


Greece documentaries

Loving Athens with a Camera

I Paid a Bribe in Greece

Saving Greece’s History One Building At a Time

India Documentaries

I Paid a Bribe in India

Mobile Power in India English

Indian Video Volunteers

Burma Documentaries

Democratic Voices of Burma -Part 1

Democratic Voices of Burma-Part 2

Democratic Voices of Burma - Part 3