Print Journalism  We produce a huge range of factual and impartial reporting.  We report on the full range of news stories including politics, finance and economics, sport, culture, conflict, social issues and human interest.  We commission and support independent journalists from around the world as well as citizen-journalists and bloggers.  We are able to source storires from some of the most inaccessible areas including the provinces of Iran and the tribal areas of Afghanistan.  Our blog covers some of the best independent journalism in the world including online and new media projects, print, video journalism and radio.


Documentary and Video Journalism  Our documentaries, both long-form and short-form, are professionally shot and directed to the highest standards.   To Light A Candle an hour-long documentary, partly filmed covertly in Iran that uncovers the discrimination faced by members of Iran's Baha'i religious minority who are denied entry to Iran's universities.  My Return To The Valley Of Death follows a young Pashtun exile as he journeys home.  Filmed in the tribal areas of Afghanistan, this is a unique, insiders view of one of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world.  Journalism For Change has also produced filmed interviews with nominees of the Rory `Peck Awards in independent journalism and has also made films about journalists in India, Serbia, Burma, Turkey and Greece.


Photography.  We regularly feature, commission and publish high-quality photo-journalism from some of the world's best photographers.  We actively support new talent and look for new audiences and outlets for their work.


Social Media.  Our social media experts reach out to hundreds of thousands of our community on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.  We use social media to build our community, publicise live events and distribute news as well as other content.  We also use the analytic tools provided by social media to provide clear evidence of our impact and reach and help us to refine our strategies. 


Cartoons.  We publish and commission over 150 high-quality cartoons a year.  Our most popular editorial content, these poignant, angry and are both satirical and humorous.  Each year we produce an e-book of our cartoons, available for download free of charge.


Animation  From a humorous look at one Ayatollah's sex tips to a darkly satirical take on the priorities of Tehran's law enforcement community. 


Graphics and Illustration.  We produce a wide range of graphic and illustrated elements, both in-house and from our partners.  From logos for our projects, through to illustrations and info-graphics for pamphlets and websites, our graphics help us to tell our campaigning stories to a wide audience across the globe.


Live Events.  We use live events to create a buzz and focus round projects and to provide memorable experiences that bind communities together.  From drumming for peace and reconciliation in Burundi and Rwanda to theatrical renditions of monologues in support of Iran's oppressed Baha'i community, our live events leave a lasting memory and legacy.  


Podcasts Banned in Iran and Iran's Weekly Wire are both produced for IREX's Iranwire.


Online Platforms   Our web-producers have created the campaigning platforms Journalism Is Not A Crime and Education Is Not A Crime.   With a wide range of graphics and video content as well as the latest in html and css user-experience creation, our platforms are designed to be accessible in a wide range of countries. We also make sure that our content can be read across a range of desktop and handheld devices.  From an engineering point of view, our platforms are created to repel cyber-attacks, evade censorship and web filtering as well as load


Books  In addition to our annual cartoon e-book we are currently preparing a collection of essays from Iran which will be published in both Persian and English.


Research  Journalism for change periodically undertakes rigorous, academic research as part of its remit to advance the cause of free and independent media.  More details of our research are available on request.

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